Payback is Indeed a Bitch

Tonight, for the first time ever, I ate take out in my 16-year old son’s car.  We had a few errands yet to run, but he decided he needed to stop by our house to get something.  While he was inside, I finished my sandwich and then, just when I was opening the door to toss the trash into the bin outside the garage, I was inspired.  I shut the car door and shoved my slimy take out trash in the pocket of the passenger side door. 

It was a beautiful, even poetic, move.

An hour earlier, when we left to run errands, he had even pointed out how clean he has kept my old car since I handed it down to him three weeks ago.  Indeed, it was clean.  And I shoved my slimy trash in the exact same clean door pocket where he had shoved his own slimy trash so very many times before.  Despite my thousands of requests that he not leave his trash in my car.

I can’t wait ’till he finds it. It’s like waiting for Christmas morning!

It will be even better when he gets his own house.  I’m planning to get one of his expensive water bottles from his kitchen – a stainless steel one if I can find one.  Then I’ll fill it with milk, screw the lid on, and then stash it in his guest room closet, behind and under a bunch of stuff so he’ll have to find it by smell months later.  Then I’ll find his good hand tools and throw a couple of them out in the back of the yard.  Help him clear the table after dinner and slip a few forks in the trash. 

This is very exciting.  The opportunities for payback are just beginning and they are endless!!


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